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Taking influence from the most exhilarating era in music history, our Electric Guitars pay tribute to the most classic silhouettes and styles from the birth of Rock & Roll. Affordable, accessible, and inspiring instruments to begin your own musical journey.

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Instantly recognisable and effortlessly playable, our Bass Guitars ooze groove and presence. Discover the quintessential low-end sound at a value that’s simply unmatched.

We’re proud to produce
affordable instruments to inspire the next generation of rock & rollers.

Antiquity reimagines the past to inspire the musicians of tomorrow. Built with the same ethos that propelled Rock & Roll into the public eye at the dawn of the 1950s, our instruments offer beginners the chance to take their first steps into making history of their own.

Filled with character and endlessly playable, Antiquity combines electrifying sound with timeless design at a value that is unmatched. Write the next chapter in the story of Rock & Roll and be inspired by the iconic instruments that never go out of style.